Write “Thanksgiving Offering” in the memo and bring to any Sunday morning service between now and November 24.


       Click HERE, then select the 2019 Thanksgiving Offering Fund.


       Click HERE to download the app, then give to the 2019 Thanksgiving Offering Fund.


       Stop by the Giving Kiosk in the lobby to give to the 2019 Thanksgiving Fund.


       Text THANKSGIVINGDC to 77977 and follow the instructions.

“Each of you should bring a gift in proportion to the way God has blessed you.”

Deuteronomy 16:17


Dear Destiny,

I want to take a moment to thank you for your faithfulness in giving to the mission of Destiny Church. Thank you for believing in this great mission. Your giving is allowing us to go into the future with great expectation.

Since the very beginning of Destiny, I have asked you to bring a special offering above and beyond your regular giving on the Sunday before Thanksgiving… an offering that expresses your thankfulness for God’s blessing in your life and allows us to better pursue the Great Commission as a church. This year our Thanksgiving Offering will be received on Sunday, November 24th.

Because of your giving last year, Destiny was able to participate in some incredible ministry ventures. For instance, we were able to give $30,000 to Good Shepherd Alliance for local transitional housing. We also gave $30,000 to WorldHelp to provide for almost 200 church planters in Cuba, and with matching funds, that amount grew to over $100,000. We helped plant over 330 churches in Cuba in 2019! The total number of church planters in Cuba is now 2,819, with 137,081 new Christ-followers! Recently, the director of WorldHelp announced that Destiny Church saved the Cuba Church Planting ministry!

It seems like each year we have another new venture to embrace. This year that venture revolves around Destiny Church. To share this opportunity with you, I need to fill you in on something extremely important. We are happy to announce that we have forged a new lease with the owners of our present church property, so we will be staying at 37 Catoctin Circle for the foreseeable future! Arriving at this decision was a prayerful journey. We considered purchasing several buildings. We looked for other property to lease. We even considered merging with another church. But at the end of each of those ideas, the doors shut tightly.

We realize that our greatest opportunity for effective ministry is right where we are! While our new lease is more costly and includes some upfront funding, we have been able to work with our landlord to accommodate some incredible first-hand ministry opportunities in our own town. We will be able to serve community groups such as A Place to Be, the non-profit led by Tom Sweitzer that helps people with issues such as autism, traumatic brain injury, emotional distress and other challenges. We will also be able to connect with groups such as Loudoun Centre Theater and other community-based organizations. Honestly, this is a dream come true for our church and leaders, and I am excited that you will have the chance to join us in this new era of ministry for Destiny.

So let me share the purpose of this letter and my huge request of you.

Destiny is a tithing church that gives 10% of our income to outside ministries and missions. In addition to continuing that endeavor, we are going to focus on the foundational needs to support the missional ideas we have been talking about over the last nine months. Everything we have learned from the Book of Ephesians needs to come alive in Destiny.

To do that, we need to invest financially into our ministry and our people for this new season.

That means equipping, training, and resourcing you like never before. We want to make sure you have what you need to engage people who will never come to church. We want to help you grow spiritually so you can confidently take Jesus Christ where you live, work and play. With that in mind, we are in the process of bolstering current ministry and designing new ministry endeavors to facilitate that initiative.

These endeavors include:

  • Increasing the number of Alpha and Discipleship Small Groups to help you grow in your faith and biblical knowledge so that you can live out God’s masterpiece mission for your life.
  • Providing childcare for all Small Groups as needed.
  • A much greater focus on child and family ministry. We want to resource you with tools, insights and biblical foundations to help you grow in your role as your child’s spiritual coach.
  • Funding scholarships for students to attend camps with DC students.
  • Offering discounted class kits for those wanting to find financial freedom through Financial Peace University.
  • Continuing to give free access to an online discipleship library through RightNow Media.
  • Teaching you how to engage people in the world around you who will never come to Destiny Church or any other church. We are going to help you take Jesus Christ into your world.

So…I am once again asking you to give sacrificially in our Thanksgiving Offering to help us reach a goal of $100,000!

Pastor Greg