Give Online

Move Your Giving Online

As your pastor, I want to commend you. You have always been extremely faithful in giving to God and His kingdom. But at this moment, we are entering into an unknown environment when it comes to giving at Destiny. We have no idea how long it will be before we can meet again in our large Sunday morning setting. Presently, less than 40% of our giving is done online. So we need to shift our giving process as a church. Here are some reasons why our giving must remain steady:

  • We have over twenty missionaries throughout the world who depend on our financial support. Some of these missionaries are solely dependent upon Destiny Church for their financial existence.
  • While I do not get paid from Destiny Church, we do have several full-time pastors and administrators who receive their salaries from Destiny.
  • We need to continue paying for our Catoctin facility even when we cannot use it for our church services. 
  • We have a few essential benevolence ministries that require our faithfulness in giving. These ministries include those who cannot care for themselves. 

Please consider and take time to move your giving to our safe and secure online giving portal and give generously during this season of ministry. To sign up for online giving, simply click here and set up your online giving account

Thank you so much for your faithful giving. And stay tuned for more updates regarding next week’s service. We’re working on an exciting interactive platform that I think you will all enjoy.

God bless you and your families,
Pastor Greg