Sunday, January 3rd through Saturday, January 23rd.

Join us in person or click here to view the live stream: 6am Monday – Friday | 9am Saturday | 10am Sunday

Every year we take 3 weeks in January to seek the Lord with prayer and fasting as a church body. We believe now more than ever that these 21 days will be the most crucial time in prayer we will have ever spent. We know God has great things in store for His Kingdom through you, your ministry influence and for us collectively as a church as we join together.

Share a Devotional!

We are looking for people who want to share a devotional at the beginning of our morning prayer times (Monday-Saturday). This would be a five-minute devotional to open up the day. You can do this in-person on the day of prayer, or you can send us a video that we could show to open the day.