Thanksgiving Offering

Each of you should bring a gift in proportion to the way God has blessed you.” Deuteronomy 16:17

Dear Destiny,

Since the very beginning of Destiny, I have asked you to bring a special offering above and beyond your regular giving on the Sunday before Thanksgiving… an offering that expresses your thankfulness for God’s blessing in your life and allows us to better pursue the Great Commission as a church. This year our Thanksgiving Offering will be received on Sunday, November 18.

God has blessed our church in many ways, and I am so thankful for your faithfulness in giving. Destiny is debt-free which means that we are able to be a greater blessing to others in need. This year we are going to do something that we have never done before. We are going to give away 60% of our offering to two great kingdom causes. This offering will make a tremendous impact on both of these ministries and in the kingdom, and we are praying that our gifts will inspire others to do the same. Our plan is to give to the following ministries:

Cuba Church Planters: Earlier this year we were able to connect with 250 church planters in Cuba. These are men and women who have been trained to plant churches where no church presently exists. Each one of these planters is capable of planting two churches per year, and in five years they can cover the entire island of Cuba with the gospel of Christ. Just in the past two years of initiating this ministry over 100,000 Cubans have given their lives to Christ. We can be a huge part of changing this nation with the gospel!

Good Shepherd Alliance: GSA has been a huge blessing to our local community in providing shelter for the homeless. This Christ-centered ministry has given hope to many Loudoun County families over the years.  Because GSA has faith-based standards and requirements for their recipients, they have lost almost $100,000 in public funding in 2018. This ministry must be saved! They fill a vital role in our community.

This year I am asking you to give sacrificially in our Thanksgiving Offering to help us reach a goal of $100,000!

This is a huge faith step for us, but it gives us great opportunity. In both initiatives, we are asking for other churches to match our gifts. In other words, if we are able to give a minimum of $25,000 to each ministry, we will ask several other large churches to join us in matching these gifts. Once that is completed, we can propose this to the church communities at large and possibly raise many thousands of dollars to secure these ministry endeavors for years to come. Our giving could be multiplied many times over if we simply initiate the giving.


There are four ways you can give to our Thanksgiving Offering:

  • Write a check and bring it to any Sunday morning service between now and November 18 (be sure to indicate “Thanksgiving Offering” on your check).
  • CLICK HERE to give online through our website to the Thanksgiving Offering Fund.  
  • Text “dcapp” to 85775 to download and open the Destiny Church App and give to the Thanksgiving Fund.
  • Give to the Thanksgiving Fund at any time at our Giving Kiosk in the lobby.


God has a great future for you and for Destiny Church. Your Thanksgiving gift will help pave the way for ministry, and you will be blessed both by giving and by the ministry that will follow. Thank you in advance for your sacrificial gift.


Pastor Greg