Backpack Buddies

In Loudoun County alone, there are approximately 11,330 children that are food insecure. Food insecure is “the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food.” Last school year, 1 in 6 Loudoun County school children qualified for free or reduced-price school lunches. The government has provided for these children to eat lunch, but their dinner is never guaranteed. At Destiny Church, we want to make sure these children never have to worry where their next meal is coming from by partnering with the Loudoun County Backpack Buddies Program.

Backpack Buddies (BPB) is a program model created by Feeding America to provide food for the weekend to elementary school children who are in need. Every week, Destiny supports around 100 students at Frederick Douglas Elementary School! We provide a bag filled with enough food for the weekend. Please click here for a list of items to help care for these students. Thank you for your support!


1. Add Backpack Buddy Items to Your Grocery List

Bring any of the items listed below to the church on Sundays, or Monday – Thursday, 8:30am – 4:30pm. Please, no peanut products!

  • 100% fruit juice boxes
  • Individual Cereal Boxes
  • Instant Oatmeal Cups
  • Cereal Bars
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Individual Canned Fruit or Applesauce Cups
  • Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Beefaroni, Spaghetti Cups
  • Easy Mac & Cheese Cups
  • Small Canned Tuna or Chicken
  • Individual Bags – Cookies, Cheeze-Its, Goldfish

2. Let us fill a backpack for you!

If you would like to help by giving financially, please click the give button and we’ll do the shopping for you. $10 will fill 1 backpack for 1 weekend ($400 will sponsor 1 child for the entire school year).